New Earth Mountain Village

Possible considerations & Things you may need.

- Pack Light! Bring only the things you will use, not the things you might use ; ) Earth provides us with everything we could ever need =].

-Are you prepared mentally, physically & spiritually for this kind of lifestyle, ?
Ready to be self sufficant, grow your own food, live in a home you've built yourself & with the help of the community, live in harmony with nature & drink uncontaminated water.
It comes naturally when you "live close to Earth" because it's so inspiring & uplifting. But there are still details to consider.

- This is a New Earth/New Age community. Therefore children are homeschooled & treated as intelligent spiritual Beings, because they are. We do not suppress or condition their minds, we allow them to be & be open to they're experiences. We do not assume superiority, but show them pure unconditional love, support & respect for this Planet. Remember that human Beings are going through a natural transformation of consciousness.. Do we want the Earth's future generations to continue to grow up in a seemingly limited world, as we once did? Or will they have the freedom to tranform reality into a more loving & expansive experience, without putting value & labels on things.

- No Shampoo. Now before you go & skip this part all together because it sounds dirty.. consider this.. Would you put shampoo in your mouth? =P. Your hair's a part of you, you wouldnt put chemicals into your body would you? Expecially if it didnt get you high. Shampoo & other hair products are all chemicals that ensure that you'll need more to keep your hair looking healthy. When in 'reality' if you let your hair do it's natural thing & let it release it's natural oils without clogging pores etc.. it will look as if you were using all these high quality hair products. But without the side effects of greesyness & the need to style and control. If you dont put crap in your hair it grows 10times faster, tends to be thicker & regains it's natural wave or curls. *Not to mention it seems like putting crap & chemicals into your hair is the dirtier way. (For the first week or so it'll be greesy while your hair adjusts, but don't let this fool you, just wait & see. Try washing it with just water or perhaps a residue free shampoo once a week)
I'm looking into making pure-plant hair & body soap aswell. =]

-Have you thought about your home design?
This can be a lot of fun, seriously. There are so many methods & materials.
There's Cob, CobWood, Tipi, Yurt, Cabin, Hobbit House, Tree Home, to name a few..
My favourite is Cob / CobWood, because it's more like sculpting your home. You can do so many things with cob: walls, floors, benches, furnature, ovens, shelves, fireplaces, etc. Cob houses have apparently been around for thousands of years & really last. Made of natural clay, sand & straw. They can also be made with chopped pieces of wood & stone for extra hold. It seems to be coming back with the help of the whole mainstream eco go-green thing. If you choose a cob home there are a few things to take into consideration. The walls should be protected from rain with a large roof overhang, linseed oil helps protect it-you can extract this yourself or buy it raw.
My design is a bit different, but definitly my perfect home. It's a combination of a Cob Dome & a large Tipi. I've written my house design plans under Homes/Shelters on the forums page if your interested.

Make sure you can see yourself living in the type of home you choose, consider the size, materials, & if you'd follow through with building it. Remember you'll get plenty of help from the rest of us.

Things you might need::
- SEEDS! You can never have too many seeds ; )
- Appropriate Clothing - I cannot stress to you enough the importance of warm clothing!
- Rope & Knowledge on making rope.
- Nails.
- Needles & Thread.
- A book on edible & medicinal plants is really helpful.
- Tent (While home is being built or if thats how you choose to live).
- Hiking Backpack.
- Rain Gear.
- Notebook & Pencils.
- Camera » (I will be traveling to the nearest town every once in a while, no matter how far. To check up on emails, the website & possible members. I can then add photos & updates).
- A Knife.
- An axe, saw or folding shovel.
- Fishing pole or Fishing line
- Metal mug & Utencils (Temporary-until we make our own)
- Bandanas
- Towel per person
- Blanket or Sleepingbag
- Facecloths & Rags
- Compass
- Watertight box

It will be useful to know::
- About edible & medicinal plants in the area. (I would print out info or get a book)
- How to make natural soap out of plants containing Saponins.

- What natural materials can be used as deoderant, toothpaste, etc.
*For the women:: Look into natural sea sponges ; )
- How to make rope & tie different knots.
- The methods on tanning hides.
- Making clothing, blankets, foorwear, etc.
- Skinning & preserving meat.
- Building with cob. (Home, Oven, etc)
- How to start a fire & types of fires (long/short burn, structure, etc)
- Natural gardening. Gardens that pretty much take care of themselves.
- Trapping (If you choose to eat meat).
- Knowing a little about Native cultures is pretty us
eful, interesting & inspiring.
- How to build a canoe or boat - The simple way, !

- How to extract natural paints & pigments.
- How to make fish hooks
- How to skin fish
- Methods of catching fish without a rod.
- How to make long lasting candles & lanterns.
- When to collect maple syrup. ;] You are in Canada after all.
- Making natural instruments (Drums, pipes, etc)
- All the amazing things you can do with plant fibers & tree bark. -
You can make paper easily with plant fibers & clothing from bark.. It may sound strange making clothing from tree bark, but you'd be surprised how many things you can do with it. Everything from soft baby diapers, dresses & blankets to leather-like clothing, waterproof roofing & canoes.
Check it out. =]
- Distilling & cleaning water - look into the solar still & collecting rainwater.

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